Futon Frames & Mattress

There are three key ingredients to futon convertible couch: the frame, the futon mattress and the cover.  If you want a great looking frame, and you want to be comfortable, don’t sacrifice one or the other.  Ellen’s offers a huge selection of solid wood and metal futon frames, depending on whether you are looking for a more traditional piece or something a little more contemporary.

Ellen’s offers a huge variety of colors, including rosewood, expresso, cherry, honey, mahogany, medium oak, and others, on many woods. Even our metal frames are contemporary and interesting. Buy a frame that suits your environment and your budget. You can also buy matching chairs, ottomans, coffee and end tables (visit our Accessories department).

Buying a futon mattress is the critical decision in your futon couch buying adventure. Many stores sell all kinds of futon mattresses. Beware of promotional brands that are not built to last! Only Ellen’s sells a high quality line of futon mattresses that will last a long time..and we back them up with a stiff warranty to prove it! After you’ve looked at the other futon mattresses out there, come to an Ellen’s store and we’ll show you our line of Fibre Processing and Hickory Springs mattresses…the finest available.

We carry eight types of mattress:

#1 – Deluxe 8″
Cotton surrouds a double layer of 2″ fibre foam, for maximum elasticity and support. Comfortable with a touch of firmness. Great basic futon that is 8″ thick. This is not a promotional 6″ cotton futon that trend to pack and settle much faster than the 8″ foam futons. Full 5 year warranty.
#2 – Premium 8″
Washington’s most popular futon mattress. A whopping 3″ layer of high density foam surrounded by a blend of cotton and spun for the ultimate sitting and sleeping comfort…Just enough cotton for years of resiliency and support…will not pack down like futons made with large quantities of cotton. Full 5 year warranty.
#3 – Premium Plus 10″
Need something a little firmer? This futon sports 3 layers of 2.8 density Fibre foam surrounded by our blend of cotton for a sleep surface with a bit more resistance. Fibre foam is a unique combination of Fibron II cotton, polyester fibres, and low melt fibres blended together to give you the most comfortable feel. The best triple foam futon on earth. Full 5 year warranty.
#4 – Innerspring 2000
The best value coil mattress in the marketplace. Built on a unique biage system, this futon is softer, cushier, and great for TV watching as well as accommodating that most particular guest! Coil system surrounded by high density foam layer and cotton/spun poly fill for a soft finish. Full 10 year warranty.
#5 – Comfort Plus
You have to sit on this one to believe it. This mattress has 3″ bonded polyester pads that surrounds a 2″ layer of fibre foam and is surrounded by 28lbs of cotton batting. This mattress delivers a soft cushy feel that makes every night sleeping a truly pleasurable experience. Full 10 year warranty.
#6 – Foamcoil 2000
The ultimate coil futon. Not as bouncy or as reactive as the other coil spring futons, this mattress packs 2 layers of 1.5 inch high density foam surrounding a bonnell-type coil springs heat tempered to provide years of resilience…very supportive and very cozy. Full 10 year warranty.
#7 – Pulsar Memory Foam
Memory foam futons have finally arrived to create supreme comfort and support for both sitting and sleeping. This mattress has a 3” layer of viscoelastic memory foam and 3 layers of 1.8lb convoluted foam with a taped box edge design to provide for the ultimate sleep experience. The compression lace tufting also strengthens the mattress allowing for greater durability and consistent feel over the life of the mattress. There is absolutely no better futon available in the marketplace today. Full 10 year warranty.
#8 – Ultra Plush Coil
The best of both worlds…This mattress combines the best qualities of both a coil and a memory foam mattress, to provide a level of comfort, never before achieved. The mattress is constructed with two layers of blended cotton/poly fibers, a 5.75î coil unit, with a top layer of 3.0 lb viscoelastic memory foam. The mattress is then layered with a spun viscose fabric to give it a truly luxurious feel. Full 10 year warranty.