Taking Care of Futon Frames, Furniture, and Mattresses

So you have bought a futon as a second bed, just in case you have visitors from another town. You not only use the futon as a bed for a guest, but also as a sofa during the day. How would you go about caring for this piece of furniture? How you look after your futon frame and other furniture depends on whether the frame is made of hardwood or metal. In case it is made of hardwood, you would … [Read more...]

Shop for Futons in Washington DC at Ellens Futon

If you live in or around Washington DC, chances are, you have heard of Ellen's Futon. Ellen's Futon is a brand synonymous with high quality, durable futons, futon covers and furniture. It is attractively priced and offers a horde of designs in a variety of materials and colors. Apart from the large inventory in stores nationwide, Ellen's Futon also offers you great prices and warranty for finest … [Read more...]

Futon Store in Virginia – Ellen’s Futon

Ellen's Futon, the trusted brand in futon, futon furniture and accessories, is not just restricted to the Washington area. We have a successfully operating store in Arlington, Virginia. We are expanding nationwide and our popularity is on the rise as we sell only high quality and durable products to our valued customers. With a large inventory and attractive pricing, you can rest assured that when … [Read more...]

Reasonable Futon Covers and Futon Frames at Ellen’s Futon

If you are seeking reasonably priced futon frames, covers or futon mattresses, then Ellen's Futon is the best resource. With a vivid range in materials, textures and shades, we offer high quality products that are easy on the pocket. Futons Our futons are versatile and can serve myriad purposes like usage as couches, beds or cushions, pillows and bolsters. These can help accentuating the … [Read more...]

Futons Store at Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

If you are looking for futons, futon covers or furniture then the best mode is to shop online at Ellen's futons. Here's why. Widest range At Ellen’s futons you can access the widest range of furniture and accessories, all at a few clicks. The entire range is carefully catalogued, so that you can browse through it easily. While it is difficult at offline stores to check all the products, and … [Read more...]

High-Quality Futon Mattresses and Frames’

Futon furniture is truly incomplete and meaningless if you don’t go in for the right mattress and frame. If you are inclined to wholeheartedly agree with this statement, then Ellen’s is the online outlet to opt for. Our frames and mattresses, just like our covers, beds, and décor accessories, come in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. As the largest provider of frames in the USA, … [Read more...]

Futon Platforms and Bunk Beds

Tired of looking at the drab and worn bed in your room? Embarrassed at the scratches dotting your bed frame? Well, how about going in for a change that will change your lifestyle? If you’ve always secretly dreamed of the décor displayed in lifestyle magazines, then quit dreaming and make it a reality! It’s not expensive and it’s not out of your league – with Ellen’s at your service, being chic … [Read more...]

Futon Premier Products

Ellen's Futon Wholesalers – it’s a name that spells quality, variety and cost-effectiveness. The biggest futon wholesaler in Washington DC, Ellen’s Futon is a treasure trove of futon fashion. Furnishings, covers, mattresses, accessories – our warehouse stocks the works to suit the needs of every possible type of customer. Besides providing the best in range, we also offer the most competitive … [Read more...]

Everything at Ellen’s

From futon furniture and frames to covers and complementary accessories, you’ll find everything under one roof – at Ellen’s Futon. The biggest discounters of futon furniture in Washington DC, Ellen’s has also long established itself in other American cities such as Rockville, Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington. Ellen's Futon Wholesalers boast the largest variety of products in the Washington … [Read more...]

Quality Futon Furniture Store

When it comes to quality futon furniture, there is no beating the Ellen’s Futon store. Whether you want to add a touch of distinction or create an air of informality in your home, we have just the right futon furniture for you. Frames, mattresses and covers – you’ll find it all at Ellen’s Futon, the leading provider of futon furniture to Maryland, northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. … [Read more...]