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From futon furniture and frames to covers and complementary accessories, you’ll find everything under one roof – at Ellen’s Futon. The biggest discounters of futon furniture in Washington DC, Ellen’s has also long established itself in other American cities such as Rockville, Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington.

Ellen’s Futon Wholesalers boast the largest variety of products in the Washington area. In addition, we offer products of the highest quality, but they are still priced at incredibly low rates. All our frames, mattresses and covers come in a wide range of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes. Our collection of solid wood and metal frames include frames in oak, southern pine, and imported hardwoods. We at Ellen’s Futon are proud to say that we own the largest frame inventory in the country – we stock more than 35 different frame styles, with another 25 waiting in our warehouses at any given point of time. The colors we offer are in frames are also varied, ranging from mahogany, cherry, and rosewood to expresso, medium oak, and honey, to name a few.

Ellen’s also houses a myriad of mattresses to adorn your futon frames with. Our fiber processing and hickory spring mattresses come in as many as six different types, all different from one another in spring setting, layers and thickness. And if you still don’t find the mattress you want, we even offer special, customized mattresses for futon frames of every shape and size.

No futon furnishing is complete without a cover to match – after all, if you don’t want your furniture to get dirty, a zip-up cover is a must, isn’t it? Ellen’s understands your requirements and tastes, and so, we offer more than 400 swatch samples to for you to choose from for customized pillow covers, window treatments, comforters and much, much more. We must warn you though – you might have a tough time selecting from the countless varieties of fabric we store – from traditional to trendy and southwestern to striped and solid, we have all kinds of possibilities lined up for you!

Besides frames, covers, and mattresses, Ellen’s also features a vast collection of futon furniture and accessories. Standing lamps, floor lamps, coffee tables, side tables, screens, platform beds, bunk beds, and many more items are on offer.

And with our exclusive deals and special discount coupons, every customer of Ellen’s is a sure-fire winner, with only gains all the way!

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