Futon Platforms and Bunk Beds

Tired of looking at the drab and worn bed in your room? Embarrassed at the scratches dotting your bed frame? Well, how about going in for a change that will change your lifestyle? If you’ve always secretly dreamed of the décor displayed in lifestyle magazines, then quit dreaming and make it a reality!

It’s not expensive and it’s not out of your league – with Ellen’s at your service, being chic and elegant is amazingly easy. Making a style statement and exuding elegance is definitely not alien to Ellen’s. Our pine and hardwood beds are of the highest standards of craftsmanship. Included in our wide range are custom-made twin beds that can be converted to full-size convertible couches. And for customers who like design with a bit of difference, our collection also feature a C-shaped bunk bed in solid steel, which combines the comforts of a twin bed and a couch! It’s unusual as well as useful.

We at Ellen’s are particular about safety standards and easy installation. We certainly don’t like our customers to struggle for hours to set up our products! Our beds are therefore shipped in three separate boxes that are easy to load into a car or truck. We provide all the tools required for setting up the bed, except for a screwdriver. These make your life easier and your bed will be ready to use in 45 minutes at maximum.

While we do believe in practicality and space-saving technology, we also understand the importance of aesthetics. Our bunk beds are crafted beautifully to compliment your interior décor. Our platform beds include some gorgeous products, such as the nutmeg bed, saffron bed, and the thyme bed. Sounds heavenly? Wait till you see them! Our inventory also features a cute range of bunk beds specially designed for kids.

At Ellen’s we believe in providing our customers with the complete package, so that their homes may become stunningly beautiful. Adorn your newly acquired platform and bunk beds with some cushioning by choosing from our huge collection of fiber and hickory mattresses. You can also go in for some of our pillow covers and comforters to complete the bed gear. To give your bedroom a complete makeover, consider buying something from our varied collection of accessories we stock, such as standing lamps, floor lamps, coffee tables, screens, to name a few.

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