Reasonable Futon Covers and Futon Frames at Ellen’s Futon

If you are seeking reasonably priced futon frames, covers or futon mattresses, then Ellen’s Futon is the best resource. With a vivid range in materials, textures and shades, we offer high quality products that are easy on the pocket.

Our futons are versatile and can serve myriad purposes like usage as couches, beds or cushions, pillows and bolsters. These can help accentuating the styles of living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, dens, small offices and corporate organizations. You can choose from a range of materials from cottons to foam and opt for futons with innersprings that are foldable, the ultra-soft cloud, or pocket coils.

Futon covers
These accessories come in a range of materials and riot of colors to suit the décor. You can choose from elegant silks, solids, suedes, velvets, tapestries, corduroy, traditional, contemporary and southwestern prints to rough and hardy denims to cool and comfortable cottons. These covers not only protect the futons and enhance their life, they also help enhance the look of the home or office. These are easily removable and washable and very easy to maintain. With a range of covers, redecorating the house for different occasions can be an easy, inexpensive and fun process. You can choose from the wide range of finest fabrics in stock and get fabric swatches for special orders.

Futon Frames
A range of different convertible futon frames that come in a variety of styles are a popular choice for placing the futons. You can choose from a variety of styles available in couches or bi-folds, tri-folds or loungers and love seats, or chairs with ottomans. You can also opt for hardwood frames in various stains and styles, along with matching coffee tables and end tables. You can opt for rosewood, maple, ash, honey oak etc to name a few.

Futons are a versatile piece of furniture and can serve as a couch or bed, making it a perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, guestroom, den, or office. These have various benefits also, as they are supportive for the back and comfortable to sit and sleep on. These help in saving space are lighter in weight and easier to move than more conventional furniture. At Ellen’s futons we provide custom designs also in addition to standard sizes available for cots, twin beds or king and queen beds. Costs are also reasonable depending upon the kind of fabric and materials used.

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